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Some Types Of Printing Machines
Printing Machine is the combination of two word, print and machine. Printing machine means a machine that print. The machine reproduces text and image by the help of ink, is known as printing machine.
There are various types of printing machine:
•    Offset printing machine
•    Pad printing machine
•    Digital printing machine
•    Electrostatic printing machine
•    Letterpress printing machine
•    Screen printing machine
•    Popular printing machine
•    Embossing printing machine
There are some printing peripheral which is used in printing machine:
•    Printing roller
•    Printing ink
•    Printing pump
•    Vacuum pressure pump
Here some important printing machines:
•    Offset printing machine: This printing machine is used in various applications. In this, commercial printing technique is used. In this printing machine, printing process is very cheap. This printing machine is also known as Lithographic printing machine. But this machine has a drawback. It set up cost is very high.
•    Pad printing machine:  This is a part of offset printing machine for providing fast and high clarity printing. This machine is used for print the three dimensional objects and compound angle. The quality of printing of this machine depends upon the quality of paper.
•     Digital printing machine: This is an affordable machine with high performance. This machine is small in size.
•    Screen printing machine: This printing machine has a unique type of print process. It can print on any shape of substrate. This printing machine provides unbelievable effects due to its broad range of inks. These printing machines are better choice for printing nameplates, t-shirts, and other articles in large volume.
•    Letterpress printing machine: This printing machine is more advance and custom banners online efficient than offset printing machine. This machine is widely used for make copies of images by raised sheets of paper.
•    Electrostatic printing machine: Electrostatic printing machines use electrostatic forces to form the image in ink directly on the surface of printed. These machines have very high speed and low cost effectiveness.
•    Popular printing machine: These machines are use for printing on a different surface and material including paper, cardboard.
•    Embossing printing machine: These machines are use for fine printing on the product. These machines are also capable to produce three dimensional image or effects.
Printing peripherals have also a great role in the world of printing. The main components are printing roller and printing inks. Printing roller is important component. It is a type of cylinder. Printing ink has its own role. There is various type of ink.
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