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Webtalk Review Is Webtalk A Scam Or Legit?
WebTalk claims itself to be next Facebook No doubt, the web talk is catching up and gaining a good popularity with people. It`s totally free right now, but some paid services will be available just like other social media and e-commerce (advertising, premium upgrades, transaction fees). Some reviewers"said oh, just another MLM social media". Although WebTalk isn`t operating as a scam or scheme of any sort, the idea of an MLM-focused social networking site is one that just doesn`t work in the real world.
That`s why Webtalk allows you to showcase your talent through a Virtual Resume, and media gallery, to show off your professional portfolio, degrees certifications, photos, and videos. It is in my opinion after being a member for just a short period of time, a cross between Facebook, LinkedIn and Xing with the added bonus of the ability to earn as an affiliate if your choose.
Maintaining you personal, professional, and business life online has become a daunting task. Thanks for your comment here on my What Is WebTalk Review and I do appreciate your time Dan. That is why I deeply hope that Webtalk will be able to lift off the ground and do what they promise - share their wealth with their users.
SO, after the beta testing then all members, who sign up afterwards, will earn 10% commissions on their referrals purchases, spends, on the site. Organize your contacts as personal or professional - a combination of Facebook and Linkedin in one place. If I had all my friends on facebook follow me to webtalk, I would be very happy to spend all my time there.
But after Beta Testing is over with WebTalk, then you can join up and use just like any other Social Network but you won`t be paid anything for life - you just get to use it. The promise of the Webtalk founders is to share up to 50% of the revenue with the members.
A 10% commission is paid on revenue generated by affiliates in the first five levels of the unilevel team. Social networking is also a significant target area for marketers seeking to engage users. All users earn a share from the revenue generated by the company including adds, subscriptions, marketplace and more.
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