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Types Of Materials For Stretch Ceilings: PVC Film And Its Peculiarities
How often, looking at the ceiling, do you think about some renovation? Nowadays we have an incredible amount of ceiling decor options. Numerous types of stretch ceilings will allow you to create a unique design and make a choice in favor of a practical, environmentally friendly, refractory coating that does not require special care! So, let’s find out what can the modern market offer.
What materials are used for the stretch ceiling?
What is a stretch ceiling? Simply put, this is a film made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) or polyester-based textile, fixed around the perimeter in a special frame (profile).
The design of the ceiling based on PVC film is the most common option in the design. Firstly, it is suitable for any type of room and is easy in maintenance, and, secondly, the material has a number of technical characteristics, on which we will dwell more:
strong resistance to humidity, temperature changes;
antibacterial impregnation;
high acoustic performance, noise insulation properties.
The indisputable advantage of PVC coatings is the usage of the special micro-thin Teflon interlayer to remove dust and dirt.
The stretch ceiling based on quality polyester textiles is the most expensive and difficult to install but has a large number of textures that attract connoisseurs of full-fledged design solutions. The textile of the film is made of polyester yarn, impregnated with polymer, and to increase moisture resistance, it is coated with a special varnish.
Textures of PVC films for stretch ceilings
The polyester textile of the stretch ceiling could be only matte. In the same time designers have divided the textures of PVC films in the following way:
Gloss (lacquered). A great choice for small rooms, as the gloss effect visually increases the space, and if there are no high wardrobes in the room, you can achieve the feeling of maximum lightness! In modern design, the lacquer surface is often combined with a multi-level ceiling.
Matte. This option is often used in the interior in combination with straight, uncluttered surfaces and classic design style. The matte surface of the canvas looks like a perfect plaster, and the light roughness makes the room cozy and comfortable for the eyes.
Satin. The surface of the satin ceiling looks like paint with a slight sheen and a soft reflective effect. It is easy to care for it, so this coating can often be seen in the kitchen, children’s rooms.
The color palette of PVC film
Despite the great variety of colors, it will be so hard to choose the one. The palette of PVC films is almost limitless, on average there are more than 120 shades that give an incredible number of options for combinations and color play!
Manufacturers focus on two colors: cold (green, blue, purple tones) and warm. The cold palette visually makes the room taller and wider, creating atmospheric space. Warm shades of the film will give the room light and warmth, they will become an important part of the design of the bedroom, children’s room. Bright and flashy colors are used for the hallway and the hall, they will intensify and encourage the guests to the action!
Modern psychologists recommend avoiding glossy reflective surfaces, especially in bedrooms and children room. The best decision is some soft and calm tones.
Stretch ceiling is a popular and beautiful decision for home and office. Vancouver, BC based company, Van Ceiling, provides complex solutions of stretch ceiling in Vancouver ceiling installation in Vancouver. The company incarnates the most incredible designs of any difficulty. Visit the website to find out all the services that the team render.
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